Introducing OfficeNet Workplace OfficeNet Workplace is a unique and innovative business software solution. A Cloud based solution, OfficeNet Workplace makes it easy to grow, control and manage your business, whilst allowing you to quickly and easily access and share all of the information you need. The software allows you to manage all aspects of the business through one single system, manage staff, time, email, administration, documents, finances, projects, transport, diaries, customer data and customer queries. OfficeNet Workplace is extremely flexible making it suitable for organisations of any size whether you have 3 or 300 employees. It’s incredibly intuitive to use and automates many daily administration, financial and other project related tasks whilst allowing you to share information internally or externally from the workplace or from remote locations. If you are looking for a software solution to make your business faster, better organised and more profitable then look no further than OfficeNet Workplace.